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How are you doing on your New Year’s Resolutions

How are you doing on your New Year’s Resolutions Every year I not only post my New Year’s â€Å"Ressaylutions† in January, but also report on my progress in August (well, last year I did my mid-year check-in in September). Why do I do this? Because like most humans, my memory is short. It’s so easy to lose track of the promises I made eight months ago. And I don’t want to find myself in January 2016 in the same place I was a year before. Do you remember your 2015 New Year’s goals? Did you write them down? If so, this is a good time to assess your progress and recommit so you can create new, forward-moving goals for 2016! The Essay Expert’s 2015 â€Å"Ressaylutions† and Current Status: Increase college essay / personal statement portion of my business to 25% of business. †¨This goal continues to elude me. I have been getting more referrals from resume writers for this type of work, following a presentation I gave last year at the National Resume Writers’ Association conference. And I appeared on Channel 3 TV the morning of July 31 for 3 minutes (an eternity for TV news) talking about college essay topics. I look forward to September through November which are the busiest admissions consulting months of the year! Roll out a new â€Å"responsive† (mobile-friendly) website.†¨ Made huge progress on this one! has launched in its new form and is mobile-friendly! I still have work to do to make the site the way I want it, but I feel like I fulfilled on this promise. Implement Infusionsoft.†¨This has largely happened. My e-lists have been transferred to Infusionsoft and clients now receive automated messages that ensure we will not lose track of them or their projects! The launch had a number of glitches and we’re still working out the kinks, but I definitely came through on this one- with MAJOR help from my assistant Jeanne and from Jeremy at WhoKnowsAGuy Media! Serve 250 clients.†¨ Total clients this year is 72, largely due to changes in the number of clients coming to me through my e-book. I am looking at my lead generation strategies and will be working furiously on my website’s SEO in order to generate more leads. Publish a print version of How to Write a KILLER LinkedIn Profile.†¨ This was a huge project, and it’s close to done! The book is formatted and I have a proof which I have now reviewed cover to cover. Once my multitude of edits are complete, we will go to print! I expect the book to help out with Ressaylution #4, increasing my client base at universities and in the Amazon market. Implement a robust referral program. This project has been on hold while I focus on website, Infusionsoft, and print book. I might bump it to 2016! In the meantime, however, people who refer paying clients to The Essay Expert can expect a gift from us! Create more internal systems/guidelines. I have made progress in this area, adding and clarifying items in my agreements with my writers and also revamping some of the terms of service for clients. This is an ongoing project and will never end! I am likely not going to fulfill all my Ressaylutions for 2015, but I’m pretty close on most of them! Checking in on my promises helps me see how much I’ve accomplished and where the gaps are. I wonder what I’ll be creating in 5 months for 2016? How are you doing on your New Year’s Resolutions? Can you reinject energy into completing them? Please share! Category:UncategorizedBy Brenda BernsteinAugust 10, 2015 2 Comments Crystal says: August 18, 2015 at 11:49 pm Thanks for the awesome advice! In previous years, I have written down my goals for the year; however, I never thought about conducting a midyear check to see how I was progressing. This year, I decided to do things slightly different with my goals. I got together with a group of friends and we had a Vision Board party. I found the vision board works well for me because I am visual person. I just need to focus on SMART goals. I am looking forward to sharing what I accomplished this year. Still, I have a couple of months to go. I am now re-energized to finish strong. Log in to Reply Brenda Bernstein says: August 19, 2015 at 10:50 am Youre welcome Crystal. I love the idea of a mid-year visioning party! I look forward to hearing about your end-of-year accomplishments! Log in to Reply

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Technology and change Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Technology and change - Essay Example Cell phones, especially GPS phones raise lots of concerns over the privacy issues. Consumers are often not aware that their movements are monitored. Their secrecy and private life will be in jeopardy while they are using such GPS mobile phones. Women and girls can be traced and their private life can be exploited by intruders. Blackmailing and robbery can be accomplished using the GPS. Security is another concern. â€Å"Government officials and communications experts are assessing the public safety and security implications of a newly posted online article that provides directions for making cheap devices that can jam Global Positioning System (GPS) signals. The Phrack article provides a detailed guide to building a low-cost, portable GPS jammer out of components that can be easily obtained from electronics supply houses. (Bob Brewin) As per this article, an average person with slight knowledge in electronics can make GPS jammers without much effort. In the modern world of highest terrorist activities, GPS can act as a blessing and a curse at the same time. â€Å"Global Positioning Systems (GPS) reveal a persons location. This type of location data helps police with their investigations, such as tracking down a criminal or even someone who is lost or missing. They can act as a safety device to protecting your family and loved ones. Location technology also helps locate stolen cars.†(Brad Seabourne  ). For example, suppose a person with a GPS phone is being kidnapped. The police can identify the location of the person who is being kidnapped with the help of the GPS system easily. GPS can provide valuable information to the drivers such as total miles driven, speeds that it was driven, travelled routes and current location. The driver can now find their exact location and get directions, and more over they can have it delivered by voice with the help of

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Design assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Design - Assignment Example Skill-based pay will be introduced in organizations that pay remarkably high wages, provide remarkably high levels of teaching, and make far-reaching use of employee participation practices. These are self-managed groups, open sharing of corporate information pegged with various pay inventions. To design and implement the skill-based pay system, the business ought to first outline the work to be completed, and how it ought to be assigned between individuals and teams. Training must be established that is closely related to the blocks of skill satisfied in the pay system. Activities In a skill-based pay approach, instead of the essential building block of the human-resource management exist as the job, the rudimentary building core block ought to be the individual. The design mission in the organization needs to develop a classical example of what expertise each individual in the organization necessitates. The skill combination is identified in regard to each individual needs. This wi ll enhance to reflect the core capabilities of the organization and the way the business wishes to function from a management style point of understanding. The human-resource subsystems (such as the teaching systems, assortment system, the pay system, the evaluation system and the career progress systems) need to be allied with the development of individuals. This will aid the organization to end up with an accurate skill profile for each individual worker (Piskurich, 2003). A work design is possibly the most fundamental inference that aid in the undertaking of a skill-based tactic to management concerns in relation to area of work design. Personal descriptions ought to be established in relation to comprehensive job descriptions. These personal descriptions have to specify the skills that an individual requires to be effective in their specific work area. It is worth noting that the skill-based approach is most operational in work situations where knowledge work is used. Furthermor e, it is also relevant where individuals can add considerable worth to the product or service. This is because when individuals are self-managing, its efficiency is enhanced. Content As stated earlier, skill-based pay emphasizes on skills and pays individuals in relation to the skills they have. Blocks of skills desirable by the organization, except the job, characterize the basic units of study. In modest skill-based systems, employees may be remunerated for learning what, in principle, multiple jobs are. As a result, skill blocks in skill-based pay systems become equivalent to jobs in job-evaluation systems. Skill assessment, appraisal, authorization, pay rates, and teaching ought to be closely tied to skill blocks. This will allow these systems to work successfully and ensures the organization is being paid value for its investment in salaries, training, and other capitals (Pfeiffer and Ballew, 1998). Testing Methods The principle pay for performance production in any skill-based system relies on how well employees use their skills during a quantified time period. It comprises looking at what individuals add to the performance of their group. Where this is quantifiable, it may make logic to tie part of a person’s benefit to their individual input of their team. It is worth mentioning that the substitute to individual pay for a performance is not to quantify individual performance and to ground pay on organization business unit performance.

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Difference Between CML and SML Essay Example for Free

Difference Between CML and SML Essay CML stands for Capital Market Line, and SML stands for Security Market Line. The CML is a line that is used to show the rates of return, which depends on risk-free rates of return and levels of risk for a specific portfolio. SML, which is also called a Characteristic Line, is a graphical representation of the market’s risk and return at a given time. One of the differences between CML and SML, is how the risk factors are measured. While standard deviation is the measure of risk for CML, Beta coefficient determines the risk factors of the SML. The CML measures the risk through standard deviation, or through a total risk factor. On the other hand, the SML measures the risk through beta, which helps to find the security’s risk contribution for the portfolio. While the Capital Market Line graphs define efficient portfolios, the Security Market Line graphs define both efficient and non-efficient portfolios. While calculating the returns, the expected return of the portfolio for CML is shown along the Y- axis. On the contrary, for SML, the return of the securities is shown along the Y-axis. The standard deviation of the portfolio is shown along the X-axis for CML, whereas, the Beta of security is shown along the X-axis for SML. Where the market portfolio and risk free assets are determined by the CML, all security factors are determined by the SML. Unlike the Capital Market Line, the Security Market Line shows the expected returns of individual assets. The CML determines the risk or return for efficient portfolios, and the SML demonstrates the risk or return for individual stocks. Well, the Capital Market Line is considered to be superior when measuring the risk factors. Summary: 1. The CML is a line that is used to show the rates of return, which depends on risk-free rates of return and levels of risk for a specific portfolio. SML, which is also called a Characteristic Line, is a graphical representation of the market’s risk and return at a given time. 2. While standard deviation is the measure of risk in CML, Beta coefficient determines the risk factors of the SML. 3. While the Capital Market Line graphs define efficient portfolios, the Security Market Line graphs define both efficient and non-efficient portfolios. 4. The Capital Market Line is considered to be superior when measuring the risk factors. 5. Where the  market portfolio and risk free assets are determined by the CML, all security factors are determined by the SML.

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Soliloquy Essay - Famous Soliloquies in Shakespeares Hamlet

The Famous Soliloquies in Hamlet  Ã‚        Ã‚  Ã‚   This essay goes into the Who, the How and the Why of Hamlet’s famous soliloquies in Shakespeare’s tragedy Hamlet.    Samuel Taylor Coleridge comments on the hero’s first soliloquy:    Few have seen a celebrated waterfall without feeling something akin to disappointment : it is only subsequently that the image comes back full into the mind, and brings with it a train of grand or beautiful associations. Hamlet feels this; his senses are in a state of trance, and he looks upon external things as hieroglyphics. His soliloquy -    "O! that this too too solid flesh would melt," &c.    springs from that craving after the indefinite - for that which is not - which most easily besets men of genius; and the self-delusion common to this temper of mind is finely exemplified in the character which Hamlet gives of himself :-    "It cannot be But I am chicken liver'd, and lack gall To make oppression bitter."    He mistakes the seeing his chains for the breaking them, delays action till action is of no use, and dies the victim of mere circumstance and accident. (345)    Gunnar Boklund in â€Å"Judgment in Hamlet† expresses his interpretation of the hero’s situation in the first soliloquy:    Let us then first clarify Hamlet’s initial situation, as it is presented to us in the first great soliloquy â€Å"O, that this too too solid flesh would melt.† It is a statement that is unusually easy to understand. The death of his father has shaken Hamlet so profoundly that he refuses to accept it as natural, and he takes the same attitude to the remarriage of his mother, which to us would seem to belong to a different category. If this is what goes ... ...Evans. Boston: Houghton Mifflin Co., 1974.    Mack, Maynard. â€Å"The World of Hamlet.† Yale Review. vol. 41 (1952) p. 502-23. Rpt. in Readings on The Tragedies. Ed. Clarice Swisher. San Diego: Greenhaven Press, 1996.    Maher, Mary Z.. â€Å"An Actor Works at Connecting with His Audience.† Readings on Hamlet. Ed. Don Nardo. San Diego: Greenhaven Press, 1999. Rpt. from Modern Hamlets and Their Soliloquies. Iowa City: University of Iowa P., 1992. p.71-72.    Rosenberg, Marvin. â€Å"Laertes: An Impulsive but Earnest Young Aristocrat.† Readings on Hamlet. Ed. Don Nardo. San Diego: Greenhaven Press, 1999. Rpt. from The Masks of Hamlet. Newark, NJ: Univ. of Delaware P., 1992.    Shakespeare, William. The Tragedy of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark. Massachusetts Institute of Technology. 1995. No line nos.   

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Speech on Belonging

Belonging is usually defined as being accepted into and by members of a family, group, class, race, community or school. The term belonging means something different to everyone but most people will come up with the words acceptance, security and identity. In this speech I have chosen to talk about the aspects of belonging and not belonging in two of Peter Skrzynecki’s Poems, Migrant Hostel and 10 Mary Street and also in the 1997 film ‘Titanic’. In Peter Skrzynecki’s Migrant Hostel, he talks about the 2 years of his life that he and most of his family lived in a Migrant hostel in Parkes after coming to Australia after World War 2 from Poland and leaving most of his family and polish heritage behind. This poem gives the responder a sense of confusion about whether he belongs or not to this migrant hostel. Skrzynecki creates this confusion by contrasting the family’s sense of belonging to the hostel with the family’s confusion about whether or not they actually belonged to the Australian soil. Although the migrant hostel was their home for 2 years there was always so many people coming and going that it didn’t really feel like a home which made it really hard to create a sense of belonging as a community. Techniques used by Skrzynecki to create this sense of confusion about belonging are juxtaposition or contrast for example in the last stanza on the 6th line â€Å"Needing its sanction To pass in and out of lives That had only begun Or were dying† This can be referred to as when people arrive at the hostel their lives are just beginning as they have a second chance to start their lives over again and forget about the past and what has happened and concentrate on the future and then when they leave the hostel they feel lost because they are on unknown land and they feel they don’t really fit in with the Australian lifestyle as they have their own background and heritage to maintain. This uote could also mean the opposite when they leave they have a chance to start over and renew there lives again and when they are in the hostel they are trapped and don’t know what to do or who they are. Symbolism is another technique Skrzynecki uses in this poem. In ‘Migrant hostel’ he uses birds as a symbol of being trapped. For example the third stanza ‘For over two years We lived like birds of passage- Always sensing a change In the weather: Unaware of the season Whose track we would follow’ This example shows how the people in the hostel where hardly allowed outside, which shows that they were basically trapped inside and away from everyone else. Another technique Skrzynecki uses is rhetorical device; this technique shows the confusion of the people inside the hostel, for example in the first stanza 6th line â€Å"That left us wondering who would be coming next. † This example shows the confusion the people had, and how uncertain things were for them, they didn’t know who was going to come through the gate next or who was going to leave. Also in this poem Skrzynecki uses an extended metaphor. In this poem the bird symbol is also used as the extended metaphor. In this poem he uses refers to a homing pigeon to deepen the sense of instinctual behavior for example in the second stanza 1st line ‘Nationalities sought Each other out instinctively Like a homing pigeon Circling to get its bearings’ this example shows how the people are coming together and finding each other through their background and where they came from. The last technique that Skrzynecki uses in this poem is similes. For example n the last stanza 4th line ‘As it rose and fell like a finger’ this particular simile refers to the gate out the front of the hostel, it shows how they were isolated from the rest of the country by that gate and that they had no control over when that gate opened or closed. It makes the hostel sound like a jail. In Skrzynecki’s poem ‘10 Mary Street’ he is describing his life in his fir st ever home on Australian soil, this poem has a greater sense of belonging as he is more comfortable in Mary street, and he has a greater sense of belonging to his family, his home, his school, his community and is comfortable with his migrant past. Skrzynecki and his family lived at 10 Mary Street for 19 years before the house got knocked down. During this poem Skrzynecki has no sense of doubt or uncertainty about who he is or where he is going. This poem gives a strong sense of happiness and content within his life as the language is light and joyful, as he remembers certain things about that house and life within it. Skrzynecki uses techniques such as personification

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Great Recession And The Great Depression - 906 Words

GREAT ECONOMIC TIMES IN AMERICA The Great Recession and the Great Depression are the fallout of the exact same economic problems and are only different in a few respects. Each period is marked by a massive run ups in asset prices followed by a crash in the stock market and sent both debt and equity markets down. These periods are said to be the worse economic downturn in the country’s history. During the great depression, as banks failed and threatened to shut down the financial system altogether, President Franklin Roosevelt moved quickly and effectively to address the most dangerous financial crisis of the Great depression. The massive stock market collapse that began in October 1929 erased massive amounts of wealth and because many banks had invested heavily in the markets, and had lent recklessly to speculative investors, the banks found themselves without sufficient capital and in many cases without reserves. He created the New Deal which responded to an unemployment rate that had reached 25 percent, an d in some cities as much as 75 percent. He signed the Emergency Banking Act, which allowed inspectors to evaluate troubled banks and decide whether or not they could reopen. The Glass-Steagall Act created a barrier between commercial and investment banking and established the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, which guaranteed that citizens would not lose their bank deposits even if a bank failed. Hooverville was a name created after President Hoover, emphasizingShow MoreRelatedThe Great Depression And Great Recession Essay1700 Words   |  7 PagesThe Great Depression and Great Recession were two unique events that had monumental impact on the economy. Both had similarities, and differences that made them unique. The Great Depression was caused by people living on credit, and when it was time to pay they didn’t have the money, this happened on a wide spread scale. The crashing of the stock market was what officially started the Great Depression in 1929. The great recession was caused by subprime mortgages as well, as risk taking by financialRead MoreGreat Depression And The Great Recession864 Words   |  4 PagesThe â€Å"Great Depression† and the â€Å"Great Recession† are two of the darkest times in American history. There is much debate about the cause of the Great Depression and how it differed from the cause of the Great Recession. Many people b elieve that the stock market crash of 1929 played a major role the Great Depression. On the other hand, the stock market crash of 2008 drove America into the Great Recession. The causes of stock market crashes are often unforeseen, but many have detectable indicators.Read MoreThe Great Depression and the Great Recession2123 Words   |  9 Pages Economic depression is a state of the economy resulting from an extended period of negative economic activity as measured by GDP .The great economic depression of the US from 1929-1939 was one of the worst economic depressions in the world economy. The GDP per capita of the United States fell by a third (Federico 2005). A lot of economic activities went down and so many people suffered. Even though the depression affect the rest of the world, it has been called the great depression of the US becauseRead MoreThe Great Depression And Recession952 Words   |  4 Pages Thank you for providing students the opportunity to explore their perspectives. In this reflection paper, I will summarize my comprehension of the Great Depression and Recession, react to readings and lectures and share my views of a remarkable article that I recently read. In today’s fast-paced world, students, similar to many Americans, do not have enough time in a day to notice the intensity of the economy in their ultimate satisfaction, happiness, and overall well-being. Thus, America’sRead MoreCauses Of The Great Depression And The Great Recession2292 Words   |  10 Pages1. Examine the causes of the Great Depression of the 1930s and consider what similarities and differences can be drawn with the problems from the financial and economic crisis which began in 2008. Introduction 2007-2009 in America has often been described as the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression in 1929. There was lots of debate whether the economy was slipping back to double dip recession but there is considerable evidence that the economic crisis in 2008 is worse than the crisisRead MoreSimilarities Between the Great Depression and the Great Recession959 Words   |  4 Pagesconsider the history of the market and the causes of the problem. And after a solution is formulated, one must present an idea for prevention of the problem for the future. Many people see similarities between The Great Depression in the late 1920s to the late 1930s. The Great Depression was caused by the Stock Market Crash of 1929. Leading up to the crash was The Roaring Twenties. It was right after World War I. The United States economy was stimulated by producing things for the war. People seemedRead MoreThe Parallels Between The Great Depression And Great Recession1958 Words   |  8 Pages The two worst crises in history EQ: What are the parallels between the Great Depression and Great Recession? How can we prevent this economic catastrophes to happen again? Mr. Smith after looking for the last time at what was left of his investing, stood up from the black chair in his office and started walking toward the windows, He couldn’t live with this, a man who had always won during his entire life, a man who had always been successful, a man whoRead MoreThe Great Depression of 1929 vs. the Great Recession of 20082799 Words   |  12 PagesThe Great Depression of 1929 Vs. The Great Recession of 2008 In America there have been great economic struggles and triumphs. The many great leaders of this country have foraged, failed, and overcome some very difficult times. Comparing the Great Depression of 1929 and the Great Recession of 2008 has revealed similarities that by learning from our mistakes in 1929 could have prevented the latest recession. I will discuss the causes of the Great Depression and the Great Recession, and what policiesRead MoreComparing Recession to Great Depression Essay3134 Words   |  13 PagesResearch Paper. The Great Depression was a harsh global economic depression in the decade prior World War II. The Great Depression, while it happened far before the â€Å"Great Recession† of 2008, it can be greatly compared. During the Great Depression, all income, tax revenue, and prices dropped. International trade decreased by more than 50%, and U.S. unemployment climbed to just above 25%. Industrial cities like Detroit and Pittsburgh took the heaviest hits. While the recession of 2008 was not as drasticRead MoreThe Worst Recession Since The Great Depression1347 Words   |  6 PagesWhere do you begin with covering one of the greatest economic crash of our time, and the worst recession since the Great Depression? Michael Lewis takes us to the very beginning, covering the story of how cynical mortgage brokers and CDO managers were playing fraudulent roulette. A rigged system that was doomed from the beginning but that very well needed every piece to be in place for 2008 to happen. Credit rating agencies SP and Moody’s had to be completely oblivious in properly rating the CDO